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The girls of Haryana The sport revolution underway in the state

The girls of Haryana The sport revolution underway by fountaininkseries


The small state of Haryana has the worst sex ratio in India at 879 females per 1,000 males, one of the lowest in the world. Haryana is also known for caste and sexual violence against women and female foeticide, rape, trafficking and domestic violence are common. But a small and scattered community of girls are breaking stereotypes and winning international laurels in sports ranging from hockey to boxing, wrestling to football and rifle shooting. However, the path to pursuing a sport of their choice comes with great struggle. Most of the girls belong to poor families and cannot afford the equipment, diet and upkeep required to play professionally. Most can’t even dream of access to psychologists or medical facilities that their western counterparts take for granted. Facilities have a long way to go and bureaucracy makes it harder for some players to get access to meal schemes, prize money, etc. Besides obstacles on the playing field, the girls battle patriarchy and gender-based discrimination. Most girls realise they may have to give up their careers when their parents decide that they have to get married. But success brings financial freedom and fame, which allows girls to negotiate marriage at a later stage and helps them support their families. The stories of Sakshi Malik and the Phogat sisters have inspired more families to encourage their daughters. These young sportswomen are leading the way in empowering women and helping bring about gender equality in the state.

(Photo story published in the August 2017 edition of Fountain Ink)

(Karen Dias is a documentary photographer based in Mumbai and Goa. )


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